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I recently found these Key Visual which I did some time ago. They were fun to do!

I've just discovered the art of Fortunino Matania, an illustrator of whom I had not yet heard:
Ich habe gerade die Kunst von Fortunino Matania entdeckt, einem Illustrator, von dem ich noch nie gehört hatte:
Here's a sample from the Website The Book Palace:
This is another cover illustration for a series of informative brochures for schools on the subject of water. To get a splash corona like this the water would have to drop from a much greater height, but when you're selling ideas you have to exaggerate :

A cover illustration for an educational magazine on water:

This is a bird's-eye-view illustration of some 
streets and shops in a small English town.

Zwei unterschiedliche Illustrationen, die ich vor ein paar Monaten erstellt habe.

Das Star Wars-Motiv war für ein Unternehmen-Internes Poster. Die Wichteln auf dem Windrad waren für das Titelbild für eine Ausgabe von der Zeitschrift neue energie.
Two distinctly different portrait styles:

Ich hätte gern dieses Bild dunkler und spannungsvoller gemacht, aber das hätte der Kunde nicht akzeptiert.

Here are some recent illustrations for a TexMex Quinceañera story:

This is an illustration I did a while ago for a publication concerned with new energy sources.

Here's an illustration in a vector style of a nice young lady:

Here's my idea and illustration for a lead article on the cooperative movement:

Magazine cover

The theme for the latest issue of the magazine initiativbanking is corporate public responsibility. Here's my cover, inspired partially by the comic book depiction of the miniaturised city of Superman's birth: 

Just published! The new energy magazine for which I regularly illustrate the cover:

This is how I do it:
So mache ich es:

Energy is a big theme in the German media. The chaos in the energy legislation gave rise to this illustration for a double page magazine spread as an intro to a long article. 
Energie ist ein grosses Thema in den Deutschen Medien. Das Chaos in der Gesetzgebung war der Hintergrund zu dieser Illustration. Sie diente als Basis für einen doppelseitigen Aufmacher zu einem Zeitschriftenartikel. 

I don't admire many politicians, but Helmut Schmidt always came across as being wise and well-balanced. Here's my portrait of him.
Normalerweise bewundere ich Politiker nicht, aber Helmut Schmidt machte mir immer einen Eindruck der Weisheit und der Ausgeglichenheit. Hier ist mein Porträt von ihm:    

A recent illustration from a suspense reader for a publisher in Berlin:
Eine kürzlich erstellte Illustration aus einer Spannungs-Lektüre für einen Berliner Verlag:   
A new illustration from a series for a King-Arthur-adventure for a publisher in Stuttgart: 
Eine neue Illustration aus einer Reihe für ein König-Artus-Abenteuer für einen Verlag in Stuttgart: 

A phase in the drawing:

Frederick Douglass was born a slave. He learned to read and write in a time when it was against the law to teach a slave to become literate. He became an American social reformer, orator and writer for the causes of the abolition of slavery and the rights of women and held many public offices. Here's my portrait of him: 

Lost in the USA, die Abenteuer eines in den USA gekidnappten deutschen Jungen, der schnell Englisch lernen muss, ist nun vom Klett Verlag veröffentlicht worden. Hier einige meiner Illustrationen dazu:

Lost in the USA, the adventures of a German youngster kidnapped in the USA who has to learn English very quickly, has been published by Klett. Here are some of my illustrations for the book:

Magazine illustrations

I illustrate the cover and some inside motifs for a quarterly German banking magazine. This issue had the competition for raw materials as it's theme:

This is one of a series of portraits I'm doing for a poster which will be appearing 2013.

Its been a few months since I posted any new works, so here is a small selection from the heap:
This is one of a series of 8 black and white illustrations for a short story with 4 kids on the river. I like being restricted to b/w because you're forced to reduce things and use contrast. 
A beach scene for a school book.
These are some frames I did recently for a film commercial.